The official name for this star is M-2097, but is often referred to as "Zathos" after the planet that orbits it. Zathos is the only world in orbit about its sun. The planet is enveloped in a variety of gases including ammonia and chlorine and is poisonous to human life. The planet itself has no moons, but there is an asteroid belt lying further out from the planet's orbit.

Dominant Sentient Species:

Unknown. In previous contacts with Zathos ambassadors, they occupied portable chambers filled with opaque gases through which only a pair of glowing eyes could be seen. No Zathos has ever consented to be examined or scanned making any kind of records of their physiology impossible.

Unknown. Zathos officials refuse to disclose any information regarding their society or culture.

Personality Profile:
In terms of their behavior, Zathos are extremely evasive about themselves which may be an indication of some sort of xenophobia. They are often curious about other races and ask a lot of questions concerning them. They do not like getting involved in disputes or the problems involving other races.

Other Race Relations:
Zathos will trade with other members of the HCP but are sticklers about security in such dealings and will not share information about themselves. They are suspicious of members who aid or assist one another as if it were some kind of conspiracy and they believe each member should stand alone. They are very dogmatic about the High Confederation of Planet's policies of noninterference between member races.