Vond is a G5 spectral type star with eight planets of which Vonda is the third planet. Weather conditions vary from arid to temperate except at the poles and the planet is smaller than average with shorter hours in the daily cycle. The density and amount of heavy elements in the planet's core make the planet much more massive than average planets of equivalent size. Vonda has three moons-- The largest moon, Splevos, has been made habitable by artificial means. "One" and "Two" are little more than rocky asteroids.

Dominant Sentient Species:


The dominant sentient species of Vonda is human--mammalian bipeds averaging 1.8 meters and 80 kilograms for males; 1.6 meters and 56 kilograms for females. Species has one cranial extremity (head) and four other appendages--two locomotive (legs) and two manipulative (arms). Hair is sparse over the body except for a mane at the back of the head that varies in color ranging from white to black (males have more prominent hair growth on the lower part of the facial area). Skin is smooth and varies in color from buff to dark brown with individual ancestry. Eyes vary in color in the iris--shades of blue, green, hazel, and brown being the most common. As the founding member of the High Confederation of Planets, Vondan human physical norms are considered "average" as a basis of comparison to other life forms for the purpose of this record.

The culture of Vonda has been influenced by the arrival of an alien humanoid called Nas from a world outside the Borainian Sector. By following the teachings of this individual, Vondan society conformed itself to a standard set by Nas, known as "The Way of the Provider." Vondans continue to observe the teachings and obedience to "The Provider." Vondan society is currently a monarchy with a three branch representative democracy.

Personality Profile:
Vondans are generally honest, friendly, and compassionate. Their belief system is the driving force behind their attitudes and actions. They are wary of anything that is contrary to their faith and are quick to denounce anything they consider evil or blasphemous.

Other Race Relations:
Vonda was the author and initial founding member of what is now the High Confederation of Planets. They developed the plan to establish the Sectoral Assembly and the Articles of Confederation. They are highly motivated towards offering aid and assistance to other Confederation members and are often the first to respond when a member is in trouble.