Regdola is A K7 type star with six planets. The first planet, also named Regdola, is environmentally similar to Vonda's temporal regions. Although surface temperatures on the average are warm, the planet surface gets approximately 75% of the brightness that Vonda receives from its own star. Gravity and atmospheric pressure approximate Vonda norms. Its single moon, Atros, is dark and not a good reflector of light.

Dominant Sentient Species:

Thales bear the closest resemblance to human (Vondan). Some scientists theorize that there may have been a common ancestry though this has never been proven. Males on the average reach a height of 1.8 meters; females, 1.5 meters. Thales are distinguished from humans in a number of ways. Externally, Thales have bushy eyebrows and a lower hairline than humans that forms into a sharp "widow's peak." They have large, slanted eyes with thick lashes, blue irises, and large pupils. Their lips are full without exception and skin tone is pale with a slight bluish tint. Hair is luxurious and silky and ranges in color from sandy to platinum blond (neither gender is susceptible to baldness). Build and arrangement of internal organs of both males and females approximate human standards. Having lived on a darker world, Thales are accustomed to lower light conditions and have excellent night vision. Consequently, their eyes are also sensitive to bright light sources. Their skin is sensitive to excessive levels of ultraviolet light type B and burns quickly under prolonged exposure. Thales have great agility and manual dexterity and are highly intelligent. Life span averages 100 years.

Thales are renowned for being merchants and traders throughout the Boranian Sector. Their world is under a market economy regulated by the Thale Trade Authority, which sets policy and arbitrates disputes. Most Thales are generally business-minded and are staunch capitalists. Although not a violent race, they remain quite ready to defend themselves if attacked. Thales prefer more subtle acts of aggression such as blackmail, conspiracy, or sanctioning to physical violence.

Personality Profile:
Generally, Thales are quite sociable and gregarious. They are often profit-motivated, but understand the virtues of loyalty and friendship as well.

Other Race Relations:
Regdola is one of the founding members of the High Confederation of Planets. In dealings with other races, Thales are quite accepting of them in hopes of making viable business connections, but tend to interact best with humans (Vondans). In relationships between Thales and humans, the latter find Thales to be quite attractive physically and will sometimes seek them as mates (usually male human and female Thale).