A G3-type star with six planets.The third planet, Hiveworld,is mostly tropical in the equatorial regions with desert mountain regions in the northern and southern hemispheres. Atmosphere and pressure levels are similar to Vondan standards. Gravity is 1.5 G's. The planet has no natural satellites.


Dominant Sentient Species:
The Hive

The Hive is a race of genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced insects. Their indigenous technology is organic--a new specialty species of insect is created to meet whatever task is needed--Thinkers, Drones, Breeders, Workers, Warriors, etc. As a result, physiology as to size, mass, appendages, and function varies. Generally, all Hive members have a three segmented body enveloped by a chitinous exoskeleton. Each member has been augmented with cybernetic devices for communication, sensory enhancement, locomotion, protection, and specialty functions.

The Hive exists as a collective consciousness controlled by the Thinkers. The other members have only limited intelligence and follow instructions transmitted by the combined consensus of all the Thinkers in the Hive.

Personality Profile:
The only true "personality" that exists is that of the mind of the Hive itself. Their main concern is the productivity and harmony of the Hive. This makes them extremely reactionary to change, but they are open to any technology or techniques that help them improve production and efficiency.

Other Race Relations:
The Hive has maintained a long-standing trade agreement with the Thales for many revolutions--exchanging natural resources for Thale technology. This has given the Hive the ability to develop its own inorganic technology for creating such constructs as cybernetic implants, buildings, and spacecraft. Once the Hive harnessed trans-light drive technology, they applied for and were accepted as members of the High Confederation of Planets under the sponsorship of the Thale Trade Authority.