Haak is an F5 type star with three planets. H'aak-ta, orbits Haak with two other planets (both Jovian). Much of the time, the planet is covered with a thick cloud layer and is mostly sub-tropical. The atmosphere approximates Vondan norms and the gravity is 1.2 G's (of Vondan standard gravity). The two moons are called Ch'aat and Mh'et-zaat. The former is nothing more than a small, rocky asteroid, but the latter is covered with a frozen layer of water and carbon dioxide and is quite reflective.

Dominant Sentient Species:

K'Taak are mammalian bipeds that would stand 2 meters tall, if standing fully erect, and weigh 136 kilograms (females: 1.8m tall; 122 kg). Their normal stance would be a "hunched over" half-squat position. Their bodies are covered with a coat of short, coarse fur that varies in color from clan to clan ranging from white to black in various patterns. The head is large with tall, pointed ears that can stand upright or fold over. A broad muzzle extends from the face equipped with a mouthful of sharp teeth. The eyes are yellow with slitted pupils and the body has a dense musculature and bone structure. Hands and feet each have four digits, which end in hard, claw-like nails, and the hands have opposable thumbs. K'Taak have very keen auditory and olfactory senses and have excellent night vision despite the fact that they have difficulty seeing some colors. Their dexterity is average, but they have great agility and speed despite their size as well as tremendous physical strength. They are omnivorous, but prefer meat delicacies. Life span averages to 75 years. Females usually bear two young at a time with a gestation period of ten months.

K'Taak ("Warriors of Honor") take pride in being a warrior race. They are clannish with strong ties to family and adhere to a strict code of personal honor that they follow religiously. Advancement in K'Taak society depends on clan and personal reputation with each clan divided into warrior and worker castes. The central government is the Council of Clans, which mediates disputes between the clans and unites them for the common good. They are technologically advanced--especially in the areas of space travel and weaponry.

Personality Profile:
K'Taak are often militant and aggressive (particularly the males). They can be quarrelsome when they do not get their way and offended if they feel that their honor is violated or questioned (especially family honor). They can be violent, but never without sufficient provocation--avenging injury done to their race, clan or themselves. On the other hand, K'Taak always remember and reward what they define as "honor debts:" saving lives, giving aid, fighting a common enemy, etc. Their code of honor engenders great loyalty and integrity among them.

Other Race Relations:
K'Taak hold Vondans in high regard since Kabort Shallot advocated their acceptance into the High Confederation of Planets despite the fears and prejudices of many members (A brutal clan war left H'aak-ta economically devastated--making trade with other planets necessary for recovery). K'Taak forces now form the backbone of the HCP defense strategy.